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Where I can make a question about operation?

You can send us your question by e-mail.

Is it possible to use a client PC in which I use BricsCAD with a network license in a place where LAN connection is not available for a certain period of time?

Yes, it is possible. There is a feature to check out the network license from the network server temporarily. You can determine the check-out period to use BricsCAD in an off-line environment during that period.

Is it possible to switch between the stand-alone license and network license on the same PC?

      No, you cannot. Since the license type is different, you need to reinstall BricsCAD. If you want to change from the stand-alone version to the network version, make sure to deactivate the stand-alone version, then install the network version with the client installer.
When changing from the network version to the stand-alone version, delete the server information from the registry, then activate the stand-alone version.


Does BricsCAD supports floating license (management of concurrence use)?

Yes. In Vietnam, management by using Reprise is available. It is possible to use BricsCAD for defined number of concurrent use.  

Is it possible to activate 2 PCs with 1 license?

You can activate your license only on 1 PC in principle.
However, one backup sheet is provided for one stand-alone license.
You can use this backup sheet if you cannot deactivate the BricsCAD license in such a case that your PC is crashed. You can activate the license for another PC as far as you use it. 

When I buy one license, can I use it for more than 1 PC?

No, you can't. You are required to buy the same number of licenses as the number of PCs on which you want to use BricsCAD. 

I am thinking to buy BricsCAD. Can you issue a receipt? If you can, the receipt will be included with the product? Or, can I print the receipt in the order screen?

We provide your activation key via email. We also send you the receipt by mail. If you require receipt, please inform us when you buy BricsCAD. 

What kind of licenses are available?

There are stand-alone, volume, and network licenses.
Stand-alone license employs the activation method. It requires access to the Internet at activation.
Network license is managed by the server using network management software. 

I purchased BricsCAD without All-in subscription, but is it possible to purchase later?

Yes, you can. However, note that you can purchase All-in subscription with the latest version only.
Since All-in subscription includes "major version up", you can buy it only before the next version is released. The term of All-in subscription is one year from the date you purchased it. 

When moving BricsCAD from a PC to another PC (without upgrading OS), do I have to pay extra fee?

No, you don't need to pay extra fee.
Make sure to deactivate BricsCAD before you uninstall it in the old PC. Then, reactivate the license after you install BricsCAD in the new PC.
You can do it by yourself. No report to Bricsys nor to us is required.