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What's new in BricsCAD Pro V23 ?

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Improved functionality and compatibility


New out of the box experience  [ENHANCED]

Improved user experience with an intuitive set-up for new installs of BricsCAD.


Dynamic Block Convertor  [NEW]

Convert Dynamic Blocks to BricsCAD’s superior Parametric Blocks. (BETA).


Parametric Blockify for 2D Geometry  [NEW]

The Parametric Blockify command now recognizes plain 2D geometry variations of parametric blocks with 2D parameters, constraints, and flip lines.


Large Table Performance  [ENHANCED]

Increased usability and performance when working with large tables.


Sheet Set Panel  [ENHANCED]

Sheet Set panel has a new cleaner, modern look and feel, enhancing the user experience.


Publish Dialog  [ENHANCED]

New updated user experience when using the PUBLISH dialog.


Purge Dialog  [NEW]

Improved usability for PURGE command with new dialog feature.



Improvements to the OPTIMIZE command to fix small gaps between arcs and lines faster and more effectively. 


New Tools, Features & Performance Enhancements


Drawing Recovery Manager  [NEW]

Provides reassurance of fast drawing recovery in the event of an unforeseen issue.


Drawing Health Management  [NEW]

Brings together all existing optimization tools in one single, convenient place to make it easier to keep drawings healthy.


Improved Tool Palettes Panel  [ENHANCED]

New user experience for the Tool Palettes Panel.


Command Assist Ribbon Panel  [NEW]

AI-powered assist ribbon panel suggest commands a user will likely need next based on typical workflow patterns.


Express Tools  [NEW]

Express Tools, a popular third-party app, is now part of the native functionality of BricsCAD.


Optimized commands and workflows


CONNECT Command  [NEW]

This enables entities not touching to be joined together. 



A new user-interface and performance enhancements improves the usability of the ARRANGE command.



We’ve improved the flexibility of the COPYGUIDED3D command, allowing users to apply the command to model faces.


Civil and Survey


Surface Deviation  [ENHANCED]

Outline deviations between a point-cloud scan and a 3D model to compare how the as built structure deviates from the design.


HSPC Native Format Support  [NEW]

Introducing support for Hexagon Standard Point Cloud format, providing closer integration with wider Hexagon solutions.


Import and Export .SHP File  [NEW]

Import and export GIS data with ESRI’s .SHP file format.


TIN Surface Manager Panel  [NEW]

Manage TIN surfaces with a new user interface for existing SIMPLIFY commands and new DENSIFY commands.

                                                                                                                          (Source: Bricsys)


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