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What's new in BricsCAD Pro V22

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Greater stability


Drawing integrity  [ENHANCED]

Design more effectively with various drawing integrity improvements.



Develop apps more effectively with stability improvements to our BLADE LISP environment.


Updated API environment  [ENHANCED]

Benefit from improvements to APIs that enable partners to create stronger applications.



Performance improvements


Response times  [NEW]

Experience faster response times with multi-threaded load and redraw.


PDF export  [ENHANCED]

Improved performance when exporting PDF files of drawings.




Collaborate and communicate more effectively with better DWFx performance.


Consolidated commands  [ENHANCED]

Discover a better user experience with the consolidation of modeling commands, such as MOVE and DMMOVE.



Enhanced AutoCAD® compatibility



Create MTEXT entities faster with a more standardised and compatible editor.



Improve cross-product workflows with greater MLEADER compatibility.



Productivity tools  [NEW]

Work faster with new express tools BLOCKTOXREF and BLOCKREPLACE.




Conveniently extract blocks to an external file.



ARCTEXT improvements  [ENHANCED]

Use Grip point for ARCTEXT entities.



CAD Manager tools  [NEW]

Make the easy switch to BricsCAD with CAD Manager tools to assist with migration.




Better organize entities in a faster and more flexible way with the ARRANGE command.




Rotate entities more easily with two-point pick of rotation angles.




Create multi-sheet PDF files with the PUBLISHCOLLATE command.




Clean up input map data easier with the familiar MAPTRIM tool.



2D blocks library  [NEW]

Conveniently insert standard items with the new 2D blocks library.




Data integrity and optimisation


Parametric Blocks  [NEW]

Switch between visibility states, flip lines and stretch actions with Parametric Blocks.




Automatically find and create nested blocks, and experience better symmetry detection with BLOCKIFY.




Use 'Fuzzy' COPYGUIDED and MOVEGUIDED to snap to dissimilar reference curves, for increased flexibility.



Command panel  [ENHANCED]

Easily access features such as FITLINE, FITARC and OPTIMIZE in a new command panel.




Apply OPTIMIZE to more geometry types, including arcs, polylines and 'almost 2D' entitie.




Improve drawing integrity by automatically finding duplicate points with the simplified OVERKILL tool.




Automatically fitpolylines to input data such as point clouds with the FITPOLYLINE command.




Use 3D mode to optimise entities forming 3D solids, regions and surfaces.



Openness and extensibility



Create apps faster with LISP timing and performance improvements.



.NET framework  [ENHANCED]

Benefit from support of version 4.8 of the .NET Framework.



Auto-transaction logic  [NEW]

Auto-transaction close logic in .NET.




Benefit from greater performance with multiple new BRX class implementations.



COM data type support  [NEW]

Benefit from COM data type combability for custom and dynamic entity properties.



Direct modeling



Improve 3D design productivity with AI-powered COPYGUIDED3D.



Automatic chamfer recognition  [NEW]

Make faster and more accurate design changes with automatic chamfer recognition when directly editing.



Parametric Xrefs  [ENHANCED]

Change XRef parameters locally, in the drawing they are referenced in, whilst retaining associativity, for increased design reuse.



3D constraint arguments  [ENHANCED]

Replace 3D constraint arguments instead of re-creating them completely.


Boolean feature blocks  [NEW]

Use regular blocks with 3D solids to create Boolean features.


Associative sketch  [NEW]

Increase 3D modeling flexibility and power by introducing associative sketch-based features.




Point clouds


Pre processing  [ENHANCED]

Benefit from improved and faster point cloud pre processing.



Reference manager  [NEW]

After pre processing, view, insert or delete all cached point cloud data in the reference manager.



ZLIB lossless compression  [NEW]

Save disc space by using ZLIB lossless compression.


Bubble Viewer  [ENHANCED]

Draw and model directly in Bubble Viewer.



Deviation mapping  [NEW]

Apply gradient colorization of deviation of any surfaces or solids.



Filtering  [NEW]

Create digital terrain models and TIN surfaces from large point clouds without compromising accuracy.



Crop solids  [NEW]

Use a solid to crop out a part of a point cloud. Use push and pull commands to dynamically adjust the cropping.



Geographic location  [NEW]

Align to point clouds based on their geographic location data.


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