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What's new in BricsCAD Lite V23 ?

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Improved functionality and compatibility


New out of the box experience  [ENHANCED]

Improved user experience with an intuitive set-up for new installs of BricsCAD.


Dynamic Block Convertor  [NEW]

Convert Dynamic Blocks to BricsCAD’s superior Parametric Blocks. (BETA).


Parametric Blockify for 2D Geometry  [NEW]

The Parametric Blockify command now recognizes plain 2D geometry variations of parametric blocks with 2D parameters, constraints, and flip lines.


Large Table Performance  [ENHANCED]

Increased usability and performance when working with large tables.


Sheet Set Panel  [ENHANCED]

Sheet Set panel has a new cleaner, modern look and feel, enhancing the user experience.


Publish Dialog  [ENHANCED]

New updated user experience when using the PUBLISH dialog.


Purge Dialog  [NEW]

Improved usability for PURGE command with new dialog feature.



Improvements to the OPTIMIZE command to fix small gaps between arcs and lines faster and more effectively. 


New Tools, Features & Performance Enhancements


Drawing Recovery Manager  [NEW]

Provides reassurance of fast drawing recovery in the event of an unforeseen issue.


Drawing Health Management  [NEW]

Brings together all existing optimization tools in one single, convenient place to make it easier to keep drawings healthy.


Improved Tool Palettes Panel  [ENHANCED]

New user experience for the Tool Palettes Panel.


Command Assist Ribbon Panel  [NEW]

AI-powered assist ribbon panel suggest commands a user will likely need next based on typical workflow patterns.


Express Tools  [NEW]

Express Tools, a popular third-party app, is now part of the native functionality of BricsCAD.


Optimized commands and workflows


CONNECT Command  [NEW]

This enables entities not touching to be joined together. 



A new user-interface and performance enhancements improves the usability of the ARRANGE command.

                                                                                                                          (Source: Bricsys)


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