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What's new in BricsCAD Lite V22

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Greater stability


Drawing integrity [Enhanced]

Design more effectively with various drawing integrity improvements.


BLADE LISP [Enhanced]

Develop apps more effectively with stability improvements to our BLADE LISP environment.




Enhanced AutoCAD® compatibility


MTEXT editor [Enhanced]

Create MTEXT entities faster with a more standardised and compatible editor.                                                                                                                 



MLEADER [Enhanced]

Improve cross-product workflows with greater MLEADER compatibility.



Productivity tools [New]

Work faster with new express tools BLOCKTOXREF and BLOCKREPLACE.




Conveniently extract blocks to an external file.



2D blocks library [New]

Conveniently insert standard items with the new 2D paramteric blocks library.



ARCTEXT improvements [Enhanced]

Use Grip point for ARCTEXT entities.



CAD Manager tools [New]

Make the easy switch to BricsCAD with CAD Manager tools to assist with migration.




Better organize entities in a faster and more flexible way with the ARRANGE command.



ROTATE [Enhanced]

Rotate entities more easily with two-point pick of rotation angles.





 Create multi-sheet PDF files with the PUBLISHCOLLATE command.




Performance improvements


Response times [New]

Experience faster response times with multi-threaded load and redraw.



PDF export [Enhanced]

Improved performance when exporting PDF files of drawings.



DWFx [Enhanced]

Collaborate and communicate more effectively with better DWFx performance.




Data integrity and optimization


Parametric Blocks [New]

Switch between visibility states, flip lines and stretch actions with Parametric Blocks.



BLOCKIFY [Enhanced]

Automatically find and create nested blocks, and experience better symmetry detection with BLOCKIFY.




Use 'Fuzzy' COPYGUIDED and MOVEGUIDED to snap to dissimilar reference curves, for increased flexibility.



Command panel [Enhanced]

Easily access features such as FITLINE, FITARC and OPTIMIZE in a new command panel.



OPTIMIZE [Enhanced]

Apply OPTIMIZE to more geometry types, including arcs, polylines and 'almost 2D' entities.



OVERKILL [Enhanced]

Improve drawing integrity by automatically finding duplicate points with the simplified OVERKILL tool.




Automatically fitpolylines to input data such as point clouds with the FITPOLYLINE command.




Openness and extensibility


LISP [Enhanced]

Create apps faster with LISP timing and performance improvements.



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