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Note on updating OS from Windows7 to Windows10

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Note on updating OS from Windows7 to Windows10

Windows 10 is avalable to download now.

BricsCAD supports Windows 10 since V15.3.05 as of September, 2015.
You can check this in the BricsCAD’s download page.

※Important note when you upgrade OS※
If you are using BricsCAD stand alone license on Windows8.1 or Windows7 and wish to upgrade OS to Windows10, make sure to deactivate your BricsCAD before doing so.
Information of activation has been registered in your HDD when you activated it. Therefore, if you upgrade OS while you activate BricsCAD, there may be contradiction in the information causing an activation error. To avoid this problem, please follow the steps below:


  1.     Deactivate BricsCAD on old OS.
  2.     Upgrade OS.
  3.     Reactivate BricsCAD on new OS.



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