Alfatech VN is the qualified supplier of BricsCAD in Vietnam.

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Please contact us if you have any inquiry regarding to BricsCAD such as license type: volume, network, or academic.  

BricSCAD V19

TypePrice (before tax)Promotion Price
Classic 635.00 USD 590.00 USD
Classic All-In (*1) 825.00 USD 780.00 USD
Pro 850.00 USD 770.00 USD
Pro All-In (*1) 1,105.00 USD 1,025.00 USD
Platinum 1,200.00 USD 1,110.00 USD
Platinum All-In (*1) 1,560.00 USD 1,470.00 USD
BIM 1,850.00 USD 1,720.00 USD
BIM All-In (*1) 2,405.00 USD 2,275.00 USD
Mechanical 1,750.00 USD 1,630.00 USD
Mechanical All-In (*1) 2,275.00 USD 2,155.00 USD
Communicator  550.00 USD
Communicator All-In (*1) 715.00 USD

● 1-year contract

● BricsCAD license (contracts for the number of used license)

● Upgrades during the period of All-In subscription (annual contract)

● Technical support (e-mail only)

License managemet

*For details of the network and volume licenses, please contact us. 

Promotion Price

Please remember: the promotional pricing runs through 15 December. Also, our goal is to aid as many loyal customers as possible to move to V19.