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How has BricsCAD V20 changed?(P1)

Monday, November 11, 2019

The first changes in BricsCAD V20 version?

BricsCAD V20 changes: includes familiar 2D and 3D CAD features.

1. User interface

Enjoy a modern dark interface that reduces eyestrain. Easily change color themes and switch between workspaces to create optimal environments for your workflows.

2. Get Started Page

The new in-product "Start page" shows large thumbnails of your recently opened drawings, and makes it easy to start a new drawing, from scratch or from a template.

3. Bricsys 24/7 Panel


The built-in Bricsys 24/7 panel gives you instant access to updates and ensures you always have the latest version. Download, view and edit natively.

4. Blockify

Automatically convert a selected set of entities, and all matching sets of entities, to blocks with a few simple clicks.

5. UCS động cho các đối tượng 2D

Increase your 2D drawing productivity by temporarily aligning the UCS with selected entities for both 3D and 2D entities.

BricsCAD V20 Video

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