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What's new in BricsCAD BIM V22

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Project browser


Project Info  [New]

Use the Info tab to manage project information and sheet properties. 


Sheets  [Enhanced]

Use the Sheets tab to manage sheet and view properties. Manually schedule background updates.



Sections and Views  [Enhanced]

See a list of named views in the Sections and Views tab of the project browser.



Files  [New]

Use the Files tab to manage all files associated to your project. Create datalinks from Data Extraction Definitions or Microsoft Excel files.




Managing construction documentation



Benefit from an improved associative dimensions mechanism which reduces associativity loss.



BIMTAG  [Enhanced]

Use Fields in BIMTAG and Story Indicators to fully control text layout. Added possibility to create tags on the fly. 



Typed Plans  [New]

Customize drawing plans and BIMTAGs from within the Typed Plan Editor.




Dimension multiple entities at once, using a selection window and filters. 




BIM authoring and modeling



Use the new Story Bar to distinguish between stories and navigate easily through the project.




Toggle between bounding box and full block representation in all block references. 




Select a set of solids instead of the entire drawing with this new variable to BIMPROPAGATE.




Project Management


Version Control Panel  [New]

Manage versioning of projects and view local projects in this new panel. 





 IFC import and export  [Enhanced]

Benefit from improved geolocation import and improved export of user-defined properties.



RVT import  [Enhanced]

Benefit from several improvements and fixes in RVT import.


RFA import  [Enhanced]

Filter out invisible groups during RFA Import.


Unreal / Twinmotion  [New]

Benefit from a DirectLink to Twinmotion to render your designs (Windows only).


Information Management



Temporarily change the visual appearance of 3D entities based on their properties.



BIMPYTHON  [Enhanced]

Use Python version 3.9 with BricsCAD. Ply’s properties and setting properties are now supported in Python scripts.


Compositions  [Enhanced]

Use the new composition types, compositions and materials now added to the metric and imperial libraries.


Template  [Enhanced]

Enjoy the new out-of-the-box templates and layouts. 




User Interface


Command Panel  [New]

Enjoy a uniform panel used across different commands for a more interactive experience.


Project Browser  [Enhanced]

Use the simplified, redesigned interface for a clear overview of the project. 


Point clouds - Scan to BIM


FITPLANAR entities  [Enhanced]

Click on the region of a point cloud to create surfaces and solids, or create openings as polylines.



FITPLANAR spaces  [New]

Create spaces as solids and invert these solids to a BIM model with slabs and walls.




Create cylindrical solids based on two seed points.



2D workflow  [Enhanced]

Start your designs by cutting and projecting a floor plan into a 2D linework.


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