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What's new in BricsCAD Mechanical V22

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Assembly Design and Standard Parts functionality


Component custom properties  [NEW]

Add or import custom properties for components into your assemblies, and view them in BOMs.



BOM Thumbnail Images  [NEW]

View thumbnail images of each assembly component in your BOMs for improved clarity.



Mechanical blocks  [ENHANCED]

Define components by creating mechanical blocks from regular blocks, XRefs or 3D solids for simpler design workflows.



Automated pipe fasteners  [NEW]

Intelligently insert the correct parametric fastenings in flange connections, which update automatically when sizes change.


Mechanical Browser  [ENHANCED]

View regular blocks and Xrefs in the Mechanical Browser along with their parameters.



Top-down rigid pipe design  [NEW]

Create conceptual pipe layouts then automatically convert them to detailed mechanical parts.



Standard valve catalogue  [ENHANCED]

Easily insert standard pipe valves from a comprehensive, multi-standard catalogue.




BricsCAD sheet metal enhancements


Automated solid to sheet metal process  [NEW]

Convert solid models with planar faces to intelligent sheet metal parts with one-click.



Jog creation and recognition  [NEW]

Easily and quickly apply jogs to flanges and lofted bends.



Hem feature  [NEW]

Create a hem as a specific sheet metal feature, for faster design and unfolding.



Manipulator on flange faces  [ENHANCED]

Easily modify and adhere to valid transformations of bends with Manipulator.


Rolled edge feature  [NEW]

Drive faster workflows and better quality results with the new Rolled Edge feature.


Edge flanges  [ENHANCED]

Create edge flanges from straight end edges of cylindrical lofted bends.



Improvements to 2D drawing view generation and detailing


Isometric view dimensions  [ENHANCED]

Apply dimensions to isometric views which accurately show the true 3D value and automatically align to the 3D geometry.


Interference edge option  [NEW]

View realistic representations in 2D views of edges representing the interference of 3D solids.



Broken view improvements  [ENHANCED]

Customise your broken view styles to quickly achieve the results you need.




Increased AutoCAD Mechanical® compatibility


Compatible drawings  [NEW]

Use pre-defined templates, in ANSI, DIN, ISO and JIS standards, to create compatible-format drawings.


Weld symbols  [NEW]

Insert or reuse industry-standard, compatible weld symbols.



Surface finish symbols  [NEW]

Insert or reuse industry-standard, compatible surface finish symbols.



Intelligent grip editing  [ENHANCED]

Edit AutoCAD Mechanical symbols using familiar, dynamic grip controls.


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