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Who developed BricsCAD?

BricsCAD was developed by Bricsys Inc. located in Gent, Belgium which has about 40 sales locations in the world.
BricsCAD was translated into 18 languages. There are more than 700 companies registered as development partners.
Bricsys is a foundation member of ODA (Open Design Alliance).

How many licenses of BricsCAD have been sold?

As of 2016, 200,000 licneses.

Which formats of files can BricsCAD read?

BricsCAD can read and write the standard files of .dwg, .dxf, .dxt, and ACIS. Using Pro or Platinum allows you to write in STL which is used for 3D printers, and DAE is used in game software, etc.
If you use optional BricsCAD Communicator, you to read various native files of the major 3D CAD data. For futher information, please contact us.

What is the capacity of BricsCAD?

Approx. 340 MB including the Help files.

Can I use the fonts of the other software?

Possible. However, you must have the original software as it infringes its copyright.

What kinds of lincenses are available?

There are 3 kinds of licenses as follows:
-Stand alone licence for each PC,
-Network license using floating assignment, and
-Volume license which enables multiple PCs with 1 activation key.
*Please contact us for details about network license.
*Internet connection is dispensable for activating each license.

Can I use my BricsCAD in another country?

Yes, it is possible. If you use it within the same legal entity (company), there is no constrain at all. However, if you wish to use it in another legal entity, you need to take a certain procedure. For details, please consult us.

What services are included in the subscription?

All-In is a yearly subscription that gives you access to priority support, full access to the next major release.

How can I purchase BricsCAD from Alfatech Vietnam?

Contact us from the "Contact us" menu. We will send you our quotation.

Can I have media for the software and licnese?

In the ordinary flow of purchase, you download the software from Bricsys's site, and we issue you the license key by email. If you wish to have the media such as CD, we can provide you but we charge you for the shipping cost.